Our History

Hello, I am Sarah. The EVAMARY Founder.

As a Hospitality Leader, if there is something I learned in my career in this industry it's the art of Gifting. There is so much power in gifting a smile, a delicate gesture and also in a well thought gift.

I remember when I was in Paris, working in a Luxury Hotel, my perspective changed when my mentor taught me the "art of Gifting". It took me a few weeks to understand what she meant by that but I was able to observe her succeed in every case situation with our VIP guests. She mastered every time by knowing and understanding the need and personality of every guests. From a Peonies White Bouquet for Mrs Jacqueline who just got married, to a Lavender candle in the room for Mrs Marie who just had surgery, or A delicate Honey Champagne for Mrs Landeau who just received an Oscar...she nailed it all the time. She knew what the guest needed at that precise time and she was able to deliver more than a gift... She delivered an emotion. And this how Evamary is born! I love showing loving and choosing gift for my people. A girlfriend with a heartbreak, a sister that needs some cheering up, a hard worker that need a little extra push...you don't really need a reason or excuses to make a gift.

This is what EVAMARY is about, delivering the right attention to the people you love. Sometimes it's about them, and sometimes it's about you showing love to yourself.